MP 220Ah 12V Exide Index XHD Gel SMF Tubular Battery


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Features of XHD series
Reliability of Tubular plate design
Convenience of maintenance free & reliable operation of Gel electrolyte
No water topping needed
Deep cycling application
No acid stratification
Supplied factory charged – ready to use

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Batteries form a major component in cost of an inverter/UPS system & being a consumable item it’s the only recurring cost in power storage backup solution. Thus making right choice of battery is of prime importance to get a complete peace of mind.

We at Multipower Global Solutions Ltd have brought up the Index-XHD series of batteries from Exide which is unique of its kind in Nigerian market owing to its 3 year warranty. Index-XHD batteries are a combination of reliability of Tubular plate design with maintenance free & reliable operation of Gel electrolyte. The tubular positive plate, well established for partial state of charge operation make Index-XHD series a durable battery for deep cycling application even in area of heavy power cut.

The Index-XHD series Gel battery is available in 12V- 220AH capacity.

Features of XHD series

Maintenance Free – No water topping needed
Capable of deep cycling
No acid stratification
Supplied factory charged – ready to use
Designed for longer life
Compatible to CC-CV charging
Deep discharge protection
Fields of Application

Banks – ATM kiosks & galleries
Home & offices – UPS/Inverter systems
Process Instrumentation & Control
Office automation equipment
EPABX system
Electronic attendance & cash register
Fire alarm & security system