Liebert Iton 800VA E 230V IEC-IEC (LI32121CT01)

Liebert itON 800VA E 230V IEC-IEC (LI32121CT01 ) UPS for Home and Small Office Use


  • quipment with Boost and Buck AVR to Stabilize the input voltage

  • Micropocessor control guarantees high reliability
  • Provides AC overload Protection
  • Auto restart with AC recover
  • Compact size, lightweight
  • Fast Charging
  • Off Mode Charging
  • Cold start function
  • Overload protection and alarm
  • USB communication port and shutdown software (UX models only)

The Liebert itON is ideally suited for

  • Desktop PCs
  • Professional Workstations
  • Small Routers, Bridges, and Hubs
  • Point-of-sale Terminals
  • Other Sensitive Electronics