Prime MS HD mono NC USB


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The multifunctional character of Prime MS headsets allows effortless communication by ensuring a real-time conversation experience


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Suitable for a variety of workplace environments

Axtel PRIME MS is dedicated to all companies that value effective communication. The improved noise reduction and wide-range, clear HD sound guarantees perfect quality of every call. DSP and Acoustic Protection technology along with advanced noise reduction, make professional communication easy, even in the loudest open office spaces.

Modern and ergonomic design

Axtel Prime MS is an ergonomic solution ensures a high level of comfort throughout your daily work. Its light flexible structure, soft and movable earpieces that adjust to the shape of your ear, smooth moderation, and functional USB remote control with Plug & Play function deliver the highest level of comfort at work.

These features allow users to stay focused even after many hours of continuous use. The stylish design and distinctive orange O-ring make the Prime MS stand out from other solutions.