User-friendly LCD Display with Multicolor back light: Displays all fault indications, input/output parameters like mains voltage, battery voltage etc.

Dual Charging current selection option – Normal & High charging.

Dual working modes –Normal & UPS mode

Intelligent overload sensing, with automatic retries to turn on after reduction of load.

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Overview of Multipower 650VA/12V Solar Hybrid Inverter.

Multipower 650VA/12V Solar hybrid inverter is designed to power your home, offices, appliances and precious electronics. Its compact size enables easy installation and high movability. Compared with traditional inverters in the market, this Pure Sine Wave stand-alone hybrid inverter system combines the functions of an inverter, solar and AC charger, provides a long run time un-uninterruptible power supply.

Enjoy smoke-free, sound free, maintenance free, petrol/diesel cost-free, power supply with automatic changeover (seamless), it is ozone layer-friendly, there is no hidden cost and suitable for small rooms, offices, flats, duplex, Hospitals, Schools etc.


  • First of its kind Home Inverter that delivers both AC & DC output
  • Up to 1000 Watt PV Module solar panel compatibility
  • An intelligent fuzzy logic for maximum utilization of solar energy
  • Pure sine wave output provides better performance & safety to the connected load
  • Electricity savings of 3 to 5 units per day.
  • All user control buttons on front panel.